On Top of the World

The Challenge 


Matt is a recent college graduate and off to an amazing start as a successful financial professional! As with many recent college grads, Matt is navigating the challenges of reconnecting with what is truly important to him and looking for some guidance in prioritizing the many aspects of his life. Stepping out into the world after the more protected environment that universities often provide is enough to have most graduates asking, what now? How do I balance everything? This is a very normal developmental phase of a person’s life: Matt recognized this and decided to give life coaching a try, even though he’d never experienced coaching before. Specifically, he wanted to address work-related stress and feeling burned out with his many commitments. 


The Solution 


Matt and I met for a series of Zoom chats, 60-minutes each, to address his coaching goals. After his first session, Matt said that he had better self-awareness of his circumstances and was able to identify small but tangible steps to help his issues. I introduced Matt to some mindfulness practices and provided regular practice suggestions so that he could begin to cultivate his own mindful routine and attitude toward his particular stressors. We also noticed a pattern of not being able to say “no” (a very common pattern for people to experience) and addressed ways of changing his perspective on what it means to say no. In particular, we worked on ways to say “yes, but not right now”, or “I’m sorry, but I can’t commit to this project right now until this other one is done”. Small shifts in perspective like these can make a world of a difference in the level of stress Matt was experiencing when faced with taking on another task or commitment. 


The Result 


While change can take time, Matt feels confident that the space and time afforded him during our coaching sessions gave him the start he needed to identify what really matters in life, and to create the necessary mindset and action steps to reduce stress and begin living out his values on a daily basis. Matt is more intentional and mindful in his approach to stress, as he is now more readily aware of when it creeps into his life and how it impacts his overall health and well-being. Awareness is the first step, and he’s off to a great start! 

Meet Matt:

  • Recent college graduate

  • Financial professional

  • Looking for more work/life balance and values clarificaiton