Get on a plan to reduce fear and anxiety about money.

Financial Coaching Complimentary Consultation

Stop wondering what to do next.


Let me show you how to:


Work with your money 


Get rid of anxiety

So that

You are back in control of your life


Whether it's tackling debt or learning about next steps to building wealth, start off with a complimentary consultation to learn how working with me and developing a customized financial coaching plan can help you reach your goals and dreams. 

Give the Gift of Financial Wellness

With social distancing in full effect, and many communities under shelter-in-place orders, it can feel hard to reach out and offer assistance to those you care about. Thankfully our virtually connected world allows us to continue supporting each other in many ways!


If someone you know or love is struggling financially (whether due to COVID-19 specifically or not), and would benefit from the guidance of financial coaching, consider gifting them the peace and confidence of working with a coach to get their finances in order.


Your loved one will receive one month of coaching: 2 60-minute Zoom sessions and access to me via text, email and phone, and a time-tested plan to take control of their money. Use the button below to contact me and send the gift of financial wellness to your friend, family member, colleague or neighbor!


Carolyn S.

“Finances have been a particular source of stress. You helped me think about why I got stressed by helping me examine my values around spending and saving money”


Sandra T.

“You were very approachable and relatable and held me accountable” 

Matt M.

“After the first session, I was able to have better self-awareness of my own circumstances and identify small but tangible steps to help my issues. As I continued to speak with Jenn, I found ways to relieve some of the underlying stress that came with my own negative self-talk and difficulty saying no.”


“Jenn treats you like a friend. She listens with a smile. She assesses deeply and takes time to think about a solution that is directly applicable for your situation. Her knowledge and professional experience combined with her life experience make you feel comfortable enough to share the vulnerabilities you are facing. She is available more than just in-person, too. If you need to reach her during a "non-appointment" time, she makes time to listen and be there. Even if coaching feels scary and new, Jenn makes it feel like you're getting together with a member of a family for a conversation.” 

I will help you navigate the challenges of building your financial foundation and gaining control of your finances. Whether you have a mountain of debt, or are looking for guidance on how to wisely manage your resources I will work with you to create a customized plan and hold you accountable to yourself for working towards your goals.


I am one of a handful of Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coaches, trained personally by Dave Ramsey's incredible team of professionals, and believe his approach to managing money works! 

Financial Coaching