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  • Jenn Steliga

Be Your Own Best Advocate

A lot of people are intimated by personal finance. And that sense of intimidation quickly turns into guilt and shame. Next? Usually nothing. Most people stop there. The thought of asking for help or getting started is often either overwhelming or just gets categorized as not important. As a coach, I witness this every day in clients and prospects. But I also witness great transformation and the blossoming of hope and trust in one’s own ability to direct their life. To me, that is powerful. To know you don’t know, yet to move bravely forward to discover, matters deeply.

There may be a lot you don’t know yet and that’s ok. The best place to start is by identifying your values, learning the very basics of personal finance, and building a solid foundation by stopping the debt cycle, building savings, and learning the power of a budget in achieving your dreams.

It’s amazing how those basic components will give you the confidence you need to take the next steps in building wealth. But in your rush to win with money, please don’t get ahead of yourself. Incremental steps matter, as do the order in which you tackle them. Would you begin to decorate the interior of your home before construction is finished?

For example, pouring a majority of your resources into investments before you have a solid financial foundation may not set you up for the success you think it will. Investments alone won’t generate true wealth. Understanding the stock market – even just investing in it - isn’t synonymous with understanding your relationship with money, how you behave with it, or even how you communicate about it with your family. It’s our mindset and our behaviors that will ultimately lead us to the type of wealth that allows us to experience our values-driven dreams day in and day out.

Know yourself first. Know where it is you want to go – at least a clear enough picture to get started. Then you’re ready to be your own best advocate as you move forward and engage with a set of trusted advisors across disciplines to help you build the life of your dreams.


If you need some guidance as you start the journey to know yourself better and cultivate intentionality, consider hiring a financial coach. It’s one of the best investments you can make in yourself and in your family. Schedule your free consultation here.

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