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  • Jenn Steliga

Salary Negotiations and Pay Raises: Part 2 in the Series of Understanding Your Value

Earlier this week we began a discussion on value as it relates to asking for a raise or preparing for a salary negotiation. Kolby Goodman, founder and lead coach at The Job Huntr gave us some great tips on how to understand the value we bring to our organizations. In this segment of the interview, he gives us some ideas on how to build a habit around capturing our value. His suggestions fit perfectly with what I encourage you to do in every one of my newsletters – Review, Reflect, Prepare!

Carving out a day and time each week to jot down specific examples of how we added value to our work is an excellent way to create a habit aimed at self-reflection and connecting with others. When you self-reflect, you’re capturing all the ways you’re aware of that you added value for the week. But often times that list is not as complete as it could be; gathering feedback from others (peers, subordinates, superiors, customers) can be valuable as well. Reaching out to others for feedback about the value you bring also serves to create strong and lasting connections – because when you ask them how you can continue to help them reach their goals, they know you’re invested in their success as well.

Another beautiful thing about making it a habit to write down your reflections for the week is that you start to create a narrative around your value in the workplace. When we can understand and articulate our value in a way that others easily understand it, we are more likely to get the results we’re looking for. The stories we tell ourselves are powerful; never underestimate that. Build your narratives on facts, but never forget to focus on your desired future – your desired outcomes – and on what you believe you can do to write the story you want to live.


What you do with your income is significantly more important than how big your paycheck is. However, it’s no mystery that – with the right mindset - the greater your income is, the greater your potential is for building wealth and achieving your dreams. If you could use a guide along your financial journey so that you can experience the freedom of an intentional life, schedule your free consult here.

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