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  • Jenn Steliga

What's Your Value?

In my weekly email I shared a video from expert career coach Kolby Goodman, founder and lead coach at The Job Huntr.

If you haven't viewed it yet, I HIGHLY recommend taking a few minutes to check it out. If you're at all serious about increasing your income as a way to improve your financial foundation you need to become well-versed in your own value. Kolby will guide you!

Knowing your value is crucial to many aspects of life. Too many people discount the value of their time and their other resources; knowledge, skills, experience, etc. – all of these create a unique type of value that you present to the world.

When we’re talking about finances, the notion of value usually brings up thoughts of income.  Generating income is one of the primary ways we create a solid financial foundation.

Many people consider their paycheck - the source of these funds - as external to themselves. However, I encourage you to shift that perspective ever so slightly and remind yourself that you are renting your value to your employer who in return is compensating you for those valued skills, experiences and knowledge accordingly (or at least they should be). As Sarah Newcomb says in her fabulous book, Loaded, you are the “wellspring” of your income and can create income in a variety of ways by being creative with the resources available to you. Stop thinking that you have no control over your income and recognize that you earn it every day because of who you are and what you do … because of your value. If you haven't read Loaded yet I highly recommend it. Check out my quick review of it on my blog. When you can articulate the valuable assets you bring to the table you will carry yourself differently and behave differently than someone who isn’t able to do so - you will be filled with dignity and respect. It also gives you the ability to negotiate a salary, pay raise, or positional promotion with current employers and potential employers. Focusing on value first highlights to employers all the ways your unique talents and strengths will contribute to their organization, it’s culture, and the bottom line – what employer doesn’t want to see that in a crystal-clear presentation? Given all that, let’s take some time to think about some specific ways you can prepare to ask for a raise or negotiate a salary. For any of you looking for ways to shore up your financial foundation and build wealth, commit to becoming well versed in your own value!

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